Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I find a place I want to rent, how long will you hold it for me?

A: Once your application has been approved,we will hold the property up to thirty (30) days.

Q: How much of a security deposit do you require?

A: Unless otherwise noted, all security deposits are equal
to one full months rent. In some cases, where credit references my be insufficient, or extenuating circumstances dictate, we may require a “double” security deposit, meaning a
deposit equal to two full months rent.

Q: Do you pro-rate rent?

A: Yes. Rent is calculated from the day you move in and the
day you move out.

Q: Does your company handle all maintenance and repairs?

A: Yes, unless stipulated otherwise in your residential
rental agreement or in the case of tenant misuse, neglect,
or abuse.

Q: Do you offer short term leases?

A: Most of our leases are one year, but in certain cases we
will grant a six month or a “student lease” that expires
between May 31 and June 30. Please ask our Property
Manager for more details.

Q: If the property I am renting is sold, do I have to move?

A: No. You are protected by your lease even if the property
is sold. Your lease (and all the terms therein) automatically transfer to the new owner.

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