Customer Review

My wife and I have worked with Cary and Shirley McDaniel for almost 10 years. We were new to Columbia and a friend with local ties recommended their property management services when we had to move (and the housing market was down!). Since that time and because of the quality service they provide, we’ve bought and sold homes with Shirley and McDaniel and McDaniel now manages three rental properties for us.

We highly recommend McDaniel and McDaniel (and have to numerous satisfied military friends in the local area). We’ve been very pleased with McDaniel and McDaniel’s realty, property management, and maintenance services and think highly of Cary and Shirley and their business. From the beginning of our relationship, they’ve worked hard to help us in whatever way required…successfully managing and maintaining rental properties, finding the perfect house when we moved back to the area, and selling a house in a challenging real estate market. Without a doubt, the reason we’ve chosen to hold on to our properties in the local area is because of the confidence we have in the McDaniel and McDaniel’s property management services and the personal relationship we have with Cary and Shirley. A few quick anecdotes to demonstrate the quality service McDaniel and McDaniel have provided us….hours prepping us prior to listing our first rental properties (we were rookies and Shirley didn’t hesitate to take as much time as needed to educate/prepare us); helping us secure dozens of quality tenants over the last decade; being proactive, disciplined, and affordable in the maintenance of our homes (not to mention Cary providing tons of invaluable professional advice over the years); helping with remodeling projects; being there for us and our properties during the devastating flooding of 2015; and offering advice throughout the years on the housing market to help us make the best decisions we can on home ownership and property management.

In short, we think highly of Cary and Shirley McDaniel, would highly recommend their services, and have felt very comfortable leaving our properties in their hands over the last decade as we traveled all over the world.